Help support medical refugees, buy my book!

A percentage of every book sale is donated to Patches of Hope, our organic garden where we grow food for medical refugees, and other patients that cannot afford healthy food due to high medical costs.

Welcome to my website.

My name is Alexis Bortell

Yeah, I know you're thinking, "How can an 11-year-old have their own website?"

Well, to answer that I guess you have to understand I am not a ‘normal’ kid whatever that means. I have been through a lot since I was 7 which is when I started having seizures.

I lost my friend and role model, Vincent Lopez, in 2015. He taught me a lot about writing speeches and talking to legislators. I promised him I would continue his work.

Alexis & Vincent in the Texas Senate Chambers

I hope I make him proud.

Which is why an 11-year old wrote a book about medical cannabis.

Let's talk, I think it's extremely important to get the truth out to people
who really don’t know  what to think about medical cannabis.

Help us get the word out by ordering your copy of "Let's Talk About Medical Cannabis."

Our goal is to get this book into the hands of every skeptical legislator in America.

Ready to help support medical refugees? Buy my book!

My goal is to get this book into the hand of every skeptical legislator so we can have smart cannabis legislation across the world. I want to keep families in there own home and stop people from having to become medical refugees.

Thank you to our special partners!

"I hope by the end of the book you realize that a lot of what you have heard about ‘marijuana’ and particularly medical marijuana simply isn’t true."

Let's Talk

It is my mission is to let the whole world know how cannabis saved my life.

Watch Alexis spread the word about medical cannabis at rallies, marches, and conferences

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My summer as seen from above :). Now dad wants a drone lol.

It was an AMAZING summer and I made lots of new friends.

Hopefully we do it again next year.

We are breaking ground on our new greenhouse soon that will be finished before spring. That will be a big help for Patches Of Hope which I hope I can keep doing every year.

A few people have asked if I will still do speeches and cannabis events and I will but remember during summers I stay pretty busy on the farm because I think that is a really important way to help people by growing them food and medicine.

Cannabis helps me do more. That’s the whole point!



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A day off FINALLY :).



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Hemp harvest is over so we are back to ‘normal’ farm stuff. Like hanging out with ‘Casper’ one of our Miniature Nubian bucks. A weekend off on the farm :). #OneLuvOrganics #AlexisBortell

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Great article about Alexis’s lawsuit. @AlexisBortell @HealAlexis

Our first ever USDA Certified Organic hemp harvest on my farm! Photos by Kristen Watson @AlexisBortell @OneluvO

Happy birthday Alexis!

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Introductory line of hemp bars are off to cold cure. Lemongrass Sage coming Late October @OneluvO

Never give up. I won't! @AlexisBortell