Alexis Bortell Announced as Keynote Speaker for 2nd Annual Southwest Cannabis Conference + Expo Dallas/Ft. Worth

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Feb 21, 2017

Alexis Bortell Announced as Keynote Speaker for 2nd Annual Southwest Cannabis Conference + Expo Dallas/Ft. Worth.

DALLAS FEB 21 2017 – Alexis Bortell, our favorite child advocate for medical cannabis refugees, announces she will keynote the 2nd Annual Southwest Cannabis Conference + Expo Dallas/Ft. Worth on Apr. 21st, 22nd, & 23rd.  Alexis has chosen this educational medical cannabis conference to launch her book tour with the release of her new book, “Let’s Talk About Medical Cannabis”, an industry primer for the average friend, family member, neighbor… and local politicians too!

Alexis Bortell joins the ranks of past SWCCExpo speakers like Montel Williams, cannabis advocate for pain management and Arizona State Representative Mark Cardenas. She will continue her book tour with stops planned in both Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and Phoenix for book signings at Southwest Cannabis Conference + Expos happening later in 2017. When asked if she could share a sneak peek into her new book Alexis replied with a quote from the politics section:

“Success by a politician shouldn’t be measured by the length of their time in office. Today it seems that is how many grown-ups do it and that is a problem. That blame falls on all of us. Be bold, be brave, represent your people, and let God, Nature, Fate, or whatever you believe in handle the rest.”

David Fowler, representative of SWCCExpo, had this to say about Alexis and her book “Alexis Bortell is back by popular demand! We are super excited to have one of the most captivating speakers from the 2016 SWCCExpo in Texas back to headline in 2017. SWCCExpo has the great pleasure of hosting this powerhouse of the medical marijuana movement at her official book release event”.

Finally, under the management of John David Carrasco and his marketing team lead by Shannon Way, speaking engagement requests are being reviewed daily.  Mr. Carrasco stated, “We have been contacted by Inside Politics, various pro-cannabis organizations from El Paso to Kansas.  Shannon has been added to the team to assist us as Alexis begins scheduling her book tours and planning “Alexis at the Capital Day” in Austin, TX.

“Let’s Talk About Medical Cannabis” can be pre-purchased at

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Alexis Bortell is a normal kid with extraordinary circumstances. Her battle with epilepsy launched her soul purpose to be the voice for other kids and disadvantaged people. As a medical cannabis refugee from Texas living in Colorado, and with the support of her veteran parents and sister, she has advocated for the rights to plant-based medicines when traditional pharmaceuticals failed to help her condition. She has spoken at a variety of Texas legislative events over the past three years and with her marketing team in place, Alexis Bortell’s book will be a guide for individuals to understand the facts about medical cannabis from her perspective.

Media Contact: John David Carrasco or Shannon Way (TX)
Phone: 512-953-3473
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Alexis Bortell interview by TV AZTECA from Mexico City visiting Colorado

Alexis Bortell will be interviewed by TV AZTECA from Mexico City visiting Colorado. Expanding the reach of her story to an approximately 50 Million viewers. Plans are now in motion to have Alexis’ book (release in April) translated in Spanish by this summer. Stay tuned for images and a link to the interview.

Media questions can be directed to Shannon Way, Welcome Shannon, as we expand our marketing team for (Visit the site for pre-order information)

Alexis Bortell officially endorses Texas HB 81

I am happy to announce that we are officially endorsing Texas House Bill 81 for the reduction of penalties related to personal possession of cannabis.

We know it isn’t the medical bill (SB 269), but I can’t endorse that bill until I am as sure as I can be that Home-Grow is protected. I can’t make the same mistake I made on the Low-THC law that was passed last session AKA the ‘Texas Complicated Use Program’ (teaser from my book ).

HB 81 protects Texans against jail time for small amounts of cannabis flower. I would like to see ‘concentrates’ such as my THC Cannatol RX spray covered and will continue to fight for that.

This does not represent a change for me in policy or belief. As I say in my book, “No patient should ever be thrown in a for-profit cage because they personally use cannabis as a medicine”.

Yes, I am planning to testify FOR HB 81. I don’t expect to be able to endorse the full medical bill (SB 269) until right before hearings but I will be at the capitol in the next few months fighting for both bills as written.

Please contact your legislators today and tell them you support HB 81. Find them by using the link below:



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