Let's Talk with Alexis Bortell

Alexis Bortell officially endorses Texas HB 81

I am happy to announce that we are officially endorsing Texas House Bill 81 for the reduction of penalties related to personal possession of cannabis.

We know it isn’t the medical bill (SB 269), but I can’t endorse that bill until I am as sure as I can be that Home-Grow is protected. I can’t make the same mistake I made on the Low-THC law that was passed last session AKA the ‘Texas Complicated Use Program’ (teaser from my book ).

HB 81 protects Texans against jail time for small amounts of cannabis flower. I would like to see ‘concentrates’ such as my THC Cannatol RX spray covered and will continue to fight for that.

This does not represent a change for me in policy or belief. As I say in my book, “No patient should ever be thrown in a for-profit cage because they personally use cannabis as a medicine”.

Yes, I am planning to testify FOR HB 81. I don’t expect to be able to endorse the full medical bill (SB 269) until right before hearings but I will be at the capitol in the next few months fighting for both bills as written.

Please contact your legislators today and tell them you support HB 81. Find them by using the link below:




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